How People Learn

That's how I want to learn. Don't give me a book; I don't want a lecture, and I don't want a list of topics to memorize. Give me ample reason to memorize them and a sandbox where I can safely play. Test me when I least expect it, shock me with the unknown, but make sure you've given me enough understanding and practice with my tools that I have a high chance of handling the unexpected.

Michael Lopp in his essay Two Universes. Finally someone has written down how I've always felt about learning.

TEDx London: The Education Revolution

If you read this blog, you've probably heard about Sir Ken Robinson and my excitement about his proposition of a new mindset in education. It seems I was not alone.

As a response to his ideas, people set up a TEDx conference called The Education Revolution. TEDx seems to be a the franchise version of the great idea sharing conference started in California.

This TEDx will take place on September 17th in London. I bought a ticket and flight, so if you’re interested in joining the conference and meeting up, drop me a line!

Skilled Worker Shortage in German Military

I talked to an officer in the German Navy the other day. To my surprise, they are suffering from a shortage of skilled non-officer personnel.

It seems that a gap is widening between well-educated people and less educated ones. The well-educated more often than not choose the industry over the military, and the military cannot compete for them in terms of job attractiveness. The less educated ones lack the basic skills needed for even a lower position: IT proficiency and a working knowledge of English.

This is another piece of evidence for an underfunded education system that slowly erodes public and private organizations. There are too many students—many of them with a migration background—who leave school without a degree and without appropriate skills for a work life that already suffers from generations with a low birthrate.

The consequences from lack of funding and of reformation of the education system are among the greatest dangers the German society faces these days.