Candor in Unsuspecting Places

The idea of the United States being invaded and occupied is utterly farfetched to me, and not because of my American machismo or exceptionalism. It just seems arrogant to premise anything — video game, movie, book — on such unearned underdog status when Uncle Sam has in fact done most of the world’s invading and occupying over the past 25 years, including some of the ugly things our hypothetical subjugators do to us in these geopolitical revenge fantasies.
— Owen S. Good in his Homefront 2 Preview on Polygon

Believe it or not, this is the beginning of an article on a video game, on a video game website. It's no surprise that Vox Media (who also run The Verge) is a shining beacon of light in tech journalism. No matter where you stand regarding their opinion – they do have one.