★ Truth of the Heart

Dear Merlin,

As per your request in a Roderick on the Line episode, I was just going to write you a quick email saying "I really appreciate your work". But I realized I couldn't stop thinking about why it feels special compared to podcasts and articles other people come up with.

I've found out why. Recently, I heard an interesting speech by Paul Bennett, a star designer and celebrity at the company I work for. He talked about designing for death, and during his talk I realized why I value you and your work so much.

I feel there are two kinds of truth. The first is the truth that, when said out loud, makes people nod and say "Yes, that's true". It can have quite a bit of impact on how people think and act. For the lack of a better word, let's call it the truth of the head.

During Paul's speech it came to me that there is a second, deeper truth. The truth that makes you shiver, or freeze inside, that takes your breath away, or puts you into that state right before crying. It's a truth that touches your soul. It feels profound, emotional, human. It seems to be self-evident, and so powerful it rarely lends itself to any purpose other than its own existence and connecting humans across the terrible loneliness we sometimes let creep into our lives. It has the power to change who we are. For the lack of a better word, let's call it the truth of the heart.

You as a person are in ways wonderful and incomprehensible to me able to discover these truths and speak them out loud, while always radiating a kindness towards fellow humans. Every now and then, your work touches my heart – for this I am very grateful.

Also, you're funny.

Kind regards,