Technology and Loneliness

How often do you take out your smartphone and pass the time with the web/Twitter/Facebook/etc while you're waiting or alone? Have you noticed that habit creeping into times when someone's around? Maybe even when you're half-engaged in conversation? Yeah, me too.

Sherry Turkle makes observations about this new behavior in the New York Times article The Flight From Conversation:

Human relationships are rich; they’re messy and demanding. We have learned the habit of cleaning them up with technology. And the move from conversation to connection is part of this. But it’s a process in which we shortchange ourselves. Worse, it seems that over time we stop caring, we forget that there is a difference.


We think constant connection will make us feel less lonely. The opposite is true. If we are unable to be alone, we are far more likely to be lonely.

Reminded me of Leadership and Solitude.