Hire for Cultural Fit

Some entrepreneurs and CEOs buy into "hire the best talent available" mantra. That can work if everything goes swimmingly well. But as I said, it often does not, and then that approach is fraught with problems. The other approach is hire for culture and fit. That is the approach I advocate. #

It's difficult to balance specific skill/experience, interest and cultural fit when hiring. Most companies focus mostly on skill, and touch interest only superficially. Fred Wilson is absolutely right in his post: the culture is much more important than it usually is given credit.

Especially if you're running a consultancy, this bias untenable. Consulting is thoroughly a people business, and consultancies therefore have high expectations from their employees, and they from the company. Skill can be developed much more easily than interest in what your consultancy does, and bridging cultural differences seems Herculean by comparison.