Creation is iterative and incremental

I'm currently involved in creating a new website from scratch. I'm not happy with version 1.0 – it's bloated and messy. Thinking about how it became this way, I've learned two things about creation.

It's hard to create content without an opinion

Facts and (most) data are not interesting these days. What matters is original thought, opinion, and tone. If you don't have an inner idea of what needs to be said, creation becomes a chore.

Tools, services and the creative process must support iterative and incremental changes

Our current webdesign process is set up in a way that we deliver final text and media, which is then put online. Only in real life it doesn't work that way. Context informs content: it helps tremendously to see the text within the design. Even more importantly, creativity and collaboration are iterative and incremental. It's the continuous tweaking that moves a product from bad to good to great. Making these changes must be possible.