The iPad 4G/LTE Confusion

Apple launched the new iPad with "4G" capabilities. What they mean by that is support for the LTE technology for mobile data transmission. But boy is this a mess:

  1. LTE is not true 4G
  2. In the US, carriers market both LTE and HSPA+ as 4G
  3. The AT&T coverage map is misleading and is likely to confuse buyers who are looking for 4G
  4. With iOS 5.1 (available since the iPad event), Apple decided to follow AT&T's marketing and shows "4G" on AT&T phones where previously it showed "3G". Note that it's still HSPA+, not LTE.
  5. You need different iPads for the Verizon and the AT&T flavors of LTE.
  6. The iPad doesn't work with LTE at all in Europe, because the built-in chip doesn't support the frequencies used in Europe. In fact, LTE frequencies are all over the place globally.

Long-term evolution indeed.