Shawn Blanc on Oversized Desks

An oversized desk is the only sort worth owning. For one, they’re there for you when you need that extra space for papers and other work (when you need the space, there never seems to be enough). Secondly, when your oversized desk is clean and empty, the unused acreage is a sight to behold.

When a small desktop is clean it merely looks tidy, as it should. But when an oversized desk is clean? That’s conversation worthy. #

I couldn't agree more. I love huge desks. The most beautiful one I have seen was in the basement of a house in the outskirts of Berlin.

It seemed to be from the Art Nouveau period, with nicely curved edges. It was so big that it would have fit everything that I have on my desk right now, plus two open "Die Zeit" newspapers. I also wondered how anyone ever got that thing into the basement, or how to get it out of there.