Wikileaks is not Investigative Journalism

It is not surprising that the recent Wikileaks scoop on the Afghanistan War has received so much attention from the traditional media. Most have welcomed this new institution and commented on the fact that fewer newspapers conduct investigative journalism.

The view that Wikileaks is the new investigative journalism is wrong, of course. Wikileaks allows access to documents, but it doesn't connect and explain them, it doesn't talk to people involved and it can't reach the whole of the population. Hence the partnership with the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Spiegel.

I hope that in the midst of the current development of outsourcing investigative journalism newspapers don't forget to have a few investigative journalists on their payroll. The more newspapers outsource fact finding and content creation in the internet era, the more they become no more than a distribution channel. 

These are easily replaced once news are read more on devices than on paper.