Bye Things, Hello OmniFocus

People seem to be switching away from task management software Things in hordes. Most of them go to the big but oh-so-different competitor OmniFocus. I have too.

Admittedly the lack of over-the-air synchronization pushed me over the edge. With the amount of travelling I do I just can't be bothered with remembering to a) have all devices hooked up to the same WiFi and b) intentionally start all Things instances on these devices. I need something that requires me to enter tasks once, work on them anywhere.

In addition to the sync issue—which by the way won't be solved for Things anytime soon—OmniFocus is much better suited for my current needs: complex multi-layered projects. I had already used it for organizing my scientific work for that reason. Some tasks consist of other task, which consist of several steps again.

This nested task management is not possible in Things. One way to look at OmniFocus is that it's Things Pro minus the good looks. Which, alas, are still better than anything you can find for my work computer running Windows.