About Me


Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sebastian Sanne (pronounced ['zanə]). Here are a few things about me: 

  • I work as a Senior Design Lead and Business Designer at IDEO 
  • Before joining IDEO I worked at Accenture Strategy and a consulting startup, helping clients realize large-scale change projects
  • I have a master's degree in psychology; also studied business in Canada
  • I'm from Munich (born and bred), although you wouldn't guess it considering my lack of a Bavarian accent
  • I love scuba diving. I'm a wreck diver, and you will probably find way more diving-related stuff on this website than a non-diver can appreciate. I'm not sorry.
  • Talk to me about travel. The more exotic the place or the story the more my eyes will be glued to your lips. 
  • Good typography, nice textures and well-designed software brighten my days
  • In moments of weakness I buy more books than I have time to finish (or sometimes even start). I convince myself that's a good thing (cf. Umberto Eco's Anti-Library).
  • I go to great lengths to find particular restaurants or coffee shops in foreign cities, which usually results in ridiculous amounts of walking
  • "How good is your German?" has been the nicest compliment about my spoken English that I've received from an English native speaker

(Underwater photos courtesy of Michael Stelzig, by the way. Great guy, awesome photographer.)